Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carolyn Kepcher Finds What Matters

Another new site launching to support careers and aspirations of women can be found at . It's currently getting ready to launch. The celebrity behind the site is Carolyn Kepcher, who came to fame in the early series of The Apprentice, as Donald Trump's right-hand woman. Yes, I confess I was a fan of the early series when the problems and strategies were a novelty, and I believed there were some people with potential in the group rather than potential to make entertaining tv.

I always hoped there was substance behind Carolyn, and I've just listened to a webinar on Carve Your Own Road (a website for awakening and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone ) and after listening, I believe Carolyn is substantial. She talks like someone who figured out how to forge a successful career in the Trump organization, has good advice to questions asked, and is realistic. I will be checking in on FWM (finding what matters) to see where it heads.

A moment of inspiration to stay the course and work another day can come from anywhere. I have to say that while it wasn't exactly a quick moment at a 20 minutes webinar, it was most definitely a solid contributing moment to listen to a woman who has figured things out, made a few mistakes, and is trying to balance it all. Now if only my personal life allowed me these quick moments before 11:30pm, life would be be even better.

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