Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ambition abounds in women around the world

I read a nice story today that demonstrates that ambition, focus and determination can help you get results in the world of business. Voice of America reported on UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) and a program called EMPRETEC which trains entrepreneurs, men and women, to develop skills and grow their businesses. The article comments that 40-50% of enterprises in developing countries are owned by women.
The article focuses on Sapphira Nyabunwa who set up a cleaning business in Uganda. She not only cleans but also offers lawn care services, defumigation, and laundry among other services, and has large clients in health care, hotels, and government. She talks of her path to setting up the business on her own. The endearing part of the article isn't simply another woman based business but the ambition it has instilled in her daughter to own her own business when she grows up. Role models are so incredibly important in the next generation.
Sapphira received second prize in the Women in Business awards now set up by EMPRETEC to award successful role models.
The first prize went to Sana Zaal Burgan, from Jordan, she had received EMPRETEC training earlier in her business career. One quote that I love is that from the training she, '...realized that I am not crazy and that thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world share my personality traits.'
A complete list of the nominees and prize winners can be found on the EMPRETEC website.

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