Thursday, December 11, 2008

Women Are Better Marketers. What Does That Mean?

Here's a comprehensive article on why women make better marketing people than men from Branding Strategy Insider. The author even drives home the point that when you look in most marketing departments, sure the most highly paid marketer is probably going to be a guy but the actual best marketer is likely to be a woman. What does that tell us?
The article has so many complimentary points as to why you'd want a woman as your marketer, and so much resonated in general with the world I have worked in, like, males tend to want to step into the limelight when product launches are heralded, whereas women are more about the right people being forward to represent the brand. A fine example was given in Rose-Marie Bravo, chief executive of Burberry. She hired a designer, creative director to become her spokesperson for the brand whenever the press needed to engage in brand rather than step into the limelight herself. Right thing for the brand, but would a guy have been as willing to take a back seat?
One take away from the article should be for women in marketing to have confidence and ask for more recognition - you are worth it.

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