Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stay informed with the GigaOM show

Now before I review the next site you should know that I don't watch TV, we don't have cable at home, and the only time I really indulge in TV is when I'm alone in a hotel room then I love to surf the channels. However one online area that I hadn't been clued into was Internet TV, that is TV like shows made especially for the Internet, and I know I haven't yet explored what's out there but I did come across The GigaOM show. I thought it was an informative show on technology with good presenters, good content, and cleared up some of my missing information about hot topics. If it's beneficial to you to stay informed on what's happening in technology at more than a headline read depth, then definitely take a look at GigaOM. They update the show once a week on Thursday, and run time for the show is 15 minutes (and can be podcast too, except that would probably take me more than the 15 minutes to watch the show to set it up, find my cables, charge my device, and then remember to have the device with me when I had time to watch it - am I the only person that is challenged in that way?).

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