Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tipping Point Reached, More Women on Web than Men

It's not particularly clear where Advertising Age got this fact but they're saying that 2007 was the year where there were more women on the web than men. However given what I've seen on recent data it seems absolutely feasible.

What does this mean? Those developing and marketing software online really need to think differently for mass market appeal. Let's take video online which seems to be building huge popularity, more women are now watching clips online. Like men, women say the most watched topic is News. However their second choice varies, with women preferring movie trailers and music videos and men preferring amateur videos. Now I'm not making the point that people producing video content need to think differently, I asking you to think for a moment if technology companies are male dominanat, there's a chance they have more types that have a tendency to prefer amateur videos to high quality, emotional movie trailers and music - hmmmm.... how do these preferences manifest themselves in the experiences of the products they build or the way they market?

I first read about the increase of women online on Michael Bloch's web marketing blog and must credit him with having posted an article over a year ago on how to market to women on the web. It's a short article but pretty practical, and he comments on the importance of the influence of trust on female customers, and trust can be built better when a company can demonstrate female involvement in the company, like women listed in employee listings. Another business rationale to diversify the workforce.

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