Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If Rebrand is What's Needed to Attract Women, Aim for the Top

There have been several articles about the need to re-brand and make more attractive jobs in IT to women (EU says Geeky jobs need to be more attractive). The articles talk of trying to spice up the work. A strategy I haven't heard used yet is one to open up the management side of IT to women. I have known a few men who have made it to senior positions and executive positions in IT organizations who didn't come from IT backgrounds. It's not only the role models at the junior level and the work content that needs to be attractive but it's the aspiration of exceeding at higher levels that needs to be communicated.

I personally enjoyed my management jobs where I was constantly being exposed to new technologies and skills I didn't possess. Everyday required active thinking, understanding, and devising new strategies to make progress. It was dealing with the projects and the people that made it a cool, rewarding job. I don't hear about that side of IT, the joy of management (!).

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