Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jewelry Stores Move to Experience

I thought this article about jewelry stores now trying to get in on the experience action was an interesting one. They are have realized that the basic shopping for jewelry experience hasn't changed in decades and the only reason why the stores survive is because women like to products and has nothing to do with the experience of the store. They're exploring ways to make the experience more engaging - how often do you try on jewelry in a store? Me, I don't feel comfortable in stores as it's too much effort to get an assistant to ask to try items on, plus I'm just not familiar with prices enough to have a clue about what I can try on that's in my price range and what's too pricey.

The article has results from a survey that highlight stores that have good experiences, the 5 essential steps to creating a store experience, and what types of experience could be on offer at a jewelry store. The stores those surveyed said delivered to them what they truly wanted were:

This article is highlighting that diverse merchants are considering what experience means. This particular group must carefully consider women, while it's romantic to be bought jewelry, given women have more cash in their pockets it would be wise to consider how to make their engagement more fulfilling with women.
I look forward to the progress, though my purse might not be so excited at the prospect!


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