Friday, March 21, 2008

Women buy Less on Impulse but More on Research

womanchair I like this article on Furniture World as it is promoting the point that women make 80% of the buying decisions, and it's important to consider where females are during their leisure time to get the right advertising space to make a sale. The article also captures the fact that women do more research prior to a purchasing decision than men. They point out that wherever you advertise to sell furniture you need to reach women, be understood, and to be be a trusted resource location.

The article mentions the changes that have happened in Home Depot to appeal to the female buyer with more classes for women. I personally look forward to a line of tools that have been design ed for women, that adjust for our smaller hands, and mechanically take care of our less strong grip. As an trained ergonomist I have always carried with the lesser known fact that the strongest female grip is still not stronger than the 25th percentile male grip - which definitely puts us at a disadvantage when using tools in the renovation department.

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