Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yahoo Shine on Women

Following the data that says women have the majority spending power and spend more time online, Yahoo has tried to capture this in a business strategy that aims to increase advertiser revenue but targeting women. Two days ago Yahoo published a new website called 'Shine'.
Reviewers of the site are skeptical of the strategy as it is a portal that carries breadth over depth and reviewers think women have moved more in a depth way with access to RSS readers for blog feeds, and customization of portal sites already.
At first peek I'm not sure what to make of it, may be the image of underwear (or as a brit, I can say, Knickers) flying in the breeze on a clothes line isn't the opening conversation I would expect. The layout of the page is clean in that 'Simple' magazine style.
Bottom line for me is applauding Yahoo for trying to join the dots between women and business success, and raising awareness that whoever gets the strategy and execution right will be on a path to success.

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