Monday, January 7, 2008

Crafted bargains at

There's nothing like finding unique bargains, something unusual, something that's spontaneous and special. Have you visited I only came across it this month and wish I had an excuse to look for some gifts or presents to buy. Actually I did find something to purchase - old 50's and 60's dress patterns for my daughters (not sure if that counts as a quick moment for me to enjoy or for them? ). I like the idea of searching for vendors locally or different types of vendors. It's an attractive site, and an enjoyable shopping experience. Take a look, and may be you'll find something you simply need and haven't been looking for!

There's a fun color experience, to shop by color. I'm not entirely sure how the color feature works but mousing over the colors and clicking provides a little stack of objects that are matching in color tone. It's simply a few moments of frivilous fun. Click on any item in the stack to bring the image to the front, and click on it again to put it back in the stack. It's a nice way to get started when not knowing what you're shopping for.

People are citing as an up and coming site for 2008. I hope it becomes boomingly successful as its another outlet for small businesses and home craft industries and continues to empower women to combine personal passions with business. And also allows those of us who aren't that industrious to show support by purchasing and supporting these individuals - such a hardship!

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