Thursday, January 31, 2008

Women Community Sites Growing Faster than Other Categories in 2007

While most of the attention these days seems to be on what the latest thing teens, tweens, or y's are doing, looking at recent research from ComScore, it is reported that the Political, and Women community were the largest growing categories for 2007 with an increase of 35% each. The actuals of unique visitors were higher for Women with that number being close to 70M.

Glam Media was one of the biggest gainers (213%) in the Women's category, helped by the acquisition of Quality Health Network, and The Women's Network also made gains with the addition of some sites like checking out exactly what they are and what I'm missing out on - expect to see more shortly on the experience. I've already peeked at and think I'm about to lose an hour or two exploring the site. (Yet again, an experience that let's me get started before it slams with me passwords and usernames - take note website creators, let us experience first before we sign up, try before you buy works as well in the web world as any other), and Having never been to these websites I need to do some

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