Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is there time for luxury bags in your life?

Now this item is probably worth a dream moment, and try not to be practical in these moments. I came across a site called, Bag Borrow or Steal. It's worth a perusal. It's a site that allows you to pay a $5 a month membership fee and then you can borrow bags or jewlery from them for a day, week or month. Now the down side is you do have to pay an additional fee for the item you have borrowed, and the price depends upon the luxrious nature of the item. For example you could borrow a nice Coach everyday bag for $50 a month, or a Prada clutch purse for $400 a month, but if you're dreaming consider the vintage Hermes Crocodile Birkin Handbag at $4,800 a month!
I ask you to ignore the practicalities of where would you go with such a purse, how would it manage all the twiddly things, lipsticks, fluff, etc. from your current purse, or bulging wallet. Simply imagine being the kind of woman that can use this service successfully - imagine what it feels to be part of a lifestyle where you have time to consider your purse or bag on the way out of the door. Imagine what it's like to receive a beautiful purse in the mail that requires being respected. I love the idea of living a life where this would be me.
Okay moment over. See the web can provide us with moments to dream on and brief rests from our hectic day. Good luck to Bag Borrow and Steal and all it's wonderful clients, and who knows may be one day I will have time to use the service, and live the vintage bag life style.

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