Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Irrisitable games at Orisnal.com

If you're noodling around on the computer looking for a way to distract yourself and just aren't interested in playing solitare, take a look at the beautiful delicate games at Orisinal.com (that's right it's original but instead of the 'g' there's a trendy 's' in the middle - took me several repeat visits to the site before I remembered that). Peaceful music, beautiful images, and very gently motivated games that flow. There's so many to choose from like the Puppies galloping along jumping balls on the beach, Kola bears moving from bamboo poles in a rainforest, rescuing little duckies falling from the sky by opening umbrellas.
I find the engagement of the games captivating and they provide a little breathing space sometimes during a stressful period.

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