Saturday, January 5, 2008

There is no time

It's a world that moves quickly and the moments we have to ourselves are very brief. I'm looking to use this blog to share insights of how women can use the web to their advantage, so when you have that brief moment how can you have a satisfying experience that makes you feel you. I'll be sharing my own experiences and reviewing new technologies and trends I hear about. Women have always been social creatures who are responsible for communications, household management, child care, family management, socializing, events, etc. Well, if we look at some of the claims of Web 2.0, you'd think our lives are about to change and our time that was previously taken up with these tasks is going to be either more engaging being enabled by technology and might even free up our time to be ourselves. I'm going to try and steer clear of working mum (or mom's) descriptions or even mother and baby posts, as many other sites do this very well, but please be patient if I lapse from time to time. I am a working mother of two girls (8 and 5), I'm from England, and have an American husband, we live in the pacific northwest.
So if this blog florishes it should be a point to show you how to regain those joyful moments of when you time was less busy, but my guess is it will be like mine - you'll hear the time saver snipit but won't have time to do. That's okay in my book as long as you take a zen moment to think about the experience you're so close to having if only time allowed.

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