Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knowing the Movies are Always There

So who hasn't heard of Netflixs? Netflixs became part of our lives in 1999 when we had our first child. We love to go to movies, we're talking at least two or three times a week back in 99. Once realizing our evenings out where a little less frequent (though we made the most of going to cry rooms which are small rooms in movie theaters where you can take babies and still see new movies) we bought a big screen tv which came with a trial Netflix subscription. We've been hooked ever since. What's not to like about selecting endless films of your choice to be sent to your home, watched at leisure, and no late fees.

My only minor complaint was I'm surprised they haven't done much to evolve queue management over the years. All I want is to be able to say, 2 movies from this queue (mainstream), 1 from this one (documentary/foreign), and 1 from this one (kids). But with a bit of manual management it works just fine.

But what I tried today was an amazing quick moment! I finally got around to trying their Browse Selection (online viewing). I'd tried it a while ago but it was flakey, but now it's pretty darn great - it was a click-click experience with no thinking to install whatever pieces for viewing, and then the show started to stream - great picture quality, sound, etc. I'm hooked, or to be honest I love the idea that viewing content is available to me at the click of a button. I don't know when I'll really find time to watch something completely on my computer but simply knowing it's there waiting for me provides a quick moment of happiness. I had heard it was pretty good but finding time to try it just doesn't happened until now, but now I'm mentally hooked.

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