Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Or may be I like the skinny mac...

Oh, the choices of a laptop that I could have are too much to bare. They come in so many shapes and styles, or are certainly on their way. Take a look at the new ultra-skinny MacBook Air that was shown today at Mac world. May be I don't want a pink pc anymore but a sophisticated designer-like shinny Mac.

Wait a minute, if they really delivered on what women want we'd have an all our personal information, etc., in our glamorous sparkling USB keys that we could plug into any fashionable laptop computer that we could rent from Bag, borrow, and steal. Then I wouldn't have to choose either/or - I could have all of them for a small rental price. Okay, my personal quick moment today is imagining I can change my laptop to match my outfit, my mood, or my meeting or occasion - it's only this implementation that is holding me back from being CEO of the next successful blaptz.com social network, okay I know it takes more than a trendy laptop to be successful but I'm sure it would help me on my way, I would feel the part.

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