Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What do Avon and Apple have in common?

It was announced today that Andrea Jung, 49, chairman of the board and CEO of Avon, has become a director for Apple's board of directors. The official business posts seem to be focusing on her depth of business experience, and rightly so. I'm not fully familiar with what directors on boards have influence over, mostly things like making sure companies don't run aground in legal areas and are insuring the business is behaving fiscally responsible to share holders, however the idea of seeing someone with almost a decade of senior experience at Avon and prior to that Neiman Marcus paired with a company like Apple just speaks to me that elegance, simplicity, could be further fostered. Imagine the depth of her audience knowledge which is one that I don't think technology markets are fully considering. Again, as a board member it's not that depth of knowledge that will be tapped into, but still let your imagination think what quality depth of knowledge from these two companies could do for for our-gen if the world worked that wayy?

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