Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Look Whose Watching, or Rather Creating!

An article was posted on Clickz today that shows the number of females watching Youtube videos online has risen (Pew Research).
  • A 120% increase in women watching videos like Youtube videos online. 11% in 2007 from 6% in 2006.
  • A 100% increase in women posting videos aged between 30 and 49 posting videos. 14% in 2007 from 7% in 2006.

Though I didn't answer the survey that number would include me. This holiday season I posted two short clips of my kids singing songs and wishing grandparents in England seasonal greetings - these are those good ideas you have, and can win excellent family credit points, if only they really are quick moments. Here are three quick insights from my experience:

  1. Getting my kids to perform a 40 second holiday greeting for grandparents was tougher than I first thought, my initial clips I tried to post were too long. Trying to cut my daughter from singing all 6 verses from the school holiday song was an emotional experience. There must be ways of cutting video clips, but who has time to search during a quick moment? (if I figure it out I'll post)
  2. My parents sending me email to ask that how to unblock the software on their computer or did he need to buy a new viewer as the message said he needed to install a new viewer, all this confusion because of an error message on the youtube site. Someone needs to figure out who the 30-49 year old women are posting videos for, and whether that audience will be able to easily view the videos.
  3. A few days after posting receiving a message from Moldytoastervideo to ask for permission to subscribe to my video postings. Surely the mailer wasn't seriously interested in my terrible clips, but made realize that yep, I'm posting my clips out there for the world to see. Even now I'm surprised that the clip labeled 'gymnastics' has been accessed more than 200 times. I could have set permissions but that would have been more mail exchanges with my parents.

Its good to see Pew pick up on OUR generation as an up and coming audience for video clips. And I must say while posting my kid videos I also lost time in exploring youtube and finding other channels that I hadn't seen before. See, once we have a need to enter these spaces we can explore and generate click through in a different way from the Ygen. We just need a justified value proposition to enter but then once in, we can lose track of time - win for you services and implicit win for us too. (BRIT quick moment: For anyone wanting to see Michael Parkinson interview Beckham it's here).

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