Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to be the Perfect Boyfriend, and other Advice

Videojug is my new quick moment entertainment and yet informative website. It's a video site (obviously by it's name) but it's not a youtube free for all, this is a website that is trying to provide provide professional short videos to explain just about anything and everything, or as they put it Life Explained on Film, they allow user-submitted content but it's reviewed (I assume prior to posting) and they're soliciting ideas on what to make videos on next. I first discovered it when looking for an explanation of Web 2.0, and Wikipedia had a quote from Steven Fry on Web 2.0, which seemed an interesting person to quote given his a british writer/comedian/actor. He presented a short sensible explanation of Web 2.0. I poked around some more and found loads of topics, and put my vote in for a video on how to demonstrate folding fitted sheets (something that I've failed to master).

Today I was pointed to a fabulous clip that sincerely and humorously addresses 'How to be the perfect boyfriend' though I think it applies to all male partners, and 'How to be the perfect girlfriend' - gosh, it's pretty darned easy when you review the videos. Then in the short list of 'love story films' on the girlfriend page was also 'Four ways Office 2007 will make your life easier'


It's truly wonderful stuff coming from the producers of Videojug. It's definitely a site that makes you try to think of stuff you've always wanted to know but never bothered finding out. Definitely worth a few quick moments indulging in random asks, and being given entertaining and quite often useful responses.

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